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Why Doesn’t Texas Have Civil Unions?

That’s the question asked by TexMo editor Erica Grieder, on her blog. After all, as generic propecia online

/why-texas-doesnt-have-civil-unions.html” target=”_blank”>Andrew Sullivan points out, 69 percent of Texans polled by the Texas Tribune “would allow some form of legal partnership.”

Grieder says supporters shouldn’t hold their breath:

If you were just polling elected officeholders, however, I bet you could easily find a 75% majority against gay marriage, and probably against civil unions for that matter. The usual reasons apply: years of Republican hegemony and Democratic torpor have created a situation in which the Republican primary is, in many cases, more important than the general election. The political battles are therefore being fought between the right and the far right. And both camps have reason to oppose gay marriage. The latter because they’re against it, and the former because–even if they’re not philosophically opposed to gay rights– public displays of moderation, or even disinterest, bring them nothing but trouble.

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