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Texas Land Commissioner: Schools Should Have Armed Officers

In the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting today in Connecticut, Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson spoke out about gun violence, particularly a way he believes it can be curbed.

From the Chronicle:

“The common denominator for the school shootings in Aurora, Columbine and Virginia Tech is that we have a target-rich environment,” said Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson. “You have a shooter that is completely free to go about his sick fantasy. We need to do what it takes to change that.”

One game changer, Patterson said, would be to arm more police officers, security guards and responsible citizens on campuses to confront a mass shooter.

“Had there been (armed security guard and citizens) in Colorado, at Virginia Tech or now in Connecticut – someone that could have changed the dynamic and to do so by having a firearm – there would be fewer lives lost.”

I’m just gonna leave this here; I’m sure someone will have something to say.