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Leading Off (12/12/12)

It’s 12/12/12. The last of these dates will get as much attention as the others–with kids celebrating their 12th birthdays, one mother planning on being induced, and weddings galore.

2,859 Salvation Army Angels’ Gifts Missing. As of 2 p.m. Tuesday, the Salvation Army was waiting on 2,859 gifts for its Angel Tree project. Listen, if you took an angel, that means you made the obligation to buy and return the gifts. If you don’t follow through, that makes you a scrooge. Don’t be a scrooge. Buy and return the gifts.

More Details Emerge Regarding Jerry Brown’s Death. Yesterday, Tim told you about a witness who says Jerry Brown Jr. was conscious after his car, driven by Cowboys lineman Josh Brent, wrecked. The claim was dismissed by Brent’s attorney. Another witness has come forward saying the same thing: “I heard him moaning.” But this witness refutes some of the things stated by the previous witness, mainly that Brent was reluctant to help his friend, whose funeral he attended yesterday.

Plano Officer Gives More Than a Citation. Hayden Carlo has had some hard times. Any extra cash he gets goes to feeding his wife and two kids. When he was pulled over by an officer for an expired registration, he told the officer he had no excuse for not updating his registration, except that he doesn’t have the money. He got a citation. Inside it, there was a $100 bill.