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Leading Off (11/30/12)

D-FW One of the First Metro Areas to Fully Recover From the Recession: North Texas is one of only three metropolitan areas to have fully recovered from the Great Recession, joining Pittsburgh and Knoxville, Tenn., the Brookings Institute reported. D-FW rode financial services and energy production, Pittsburgh’s help came from the natural gas-rich Marcellus Shale, and Knoxville’s bounce-back was due to wayward Jackass fans.

Dallas 7-Eleven Sells $1 Million Powerball Ticket: “Damn, I should’ve bought a ticket,” says literally everyone interviewed in this story.

Hurst Police Release Video of Teen’s Arrest: Following the violent arrest of a teenager, the suspension of the arresting officer, and the filing of a formal complaint against the officer, Hurst Police released the dashboard camera of the incident. Clearly, the police thought this would help their case by showing the teenager was equally at fault. Then Officer Disraeli Arnold said, “You politely sit in this car so I can f^$% you up,” and everyone immediately forgot whatever the kid said.

The Perot Museum Opens Tomorrow: You should go. If you do, say hello to my friends Leonard Foxytail and J-BONE.