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‘Overly Attached Girlfriend’ Donates $22,000 to Denton Autism Charity, Is Okay in My Book

Back in June, Laina Nolastname (according to WFAA) posted this YouTube video of her spoofing crazed Justin Bieber fans. It was the face that launched 1,000 memes.

Turns out the Keller native’s now taking dares from her Facebook fans, provided they donate money to a charity of her choice. Last night, she donated $22,286 of that money to Surf Camp, a Denton-based non-profit that helps autistic children. Bravo.

The WFAA report goes on to say that Laina has made enough money off the ad sales from her YouTube videos to quit her job, so maybe we should all stop laughing and get to webcamming.

  • really?

    “so maybe we should all stop laughing and get to webcamming.”

    Yeah, that is how we can get America back on its feet. Good call.

  • Aigoo

    Taking it that literally? Good call.

  • Classy Blumpkins

    your razor sharp input on the internet is doing wonders, though. keep up the good work.