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Which ‘Best New Restaurants’ Cover Would You Have Published?

By now, surely, your December copy of D Magazine has arrived at your house. Thank you so much for being a subscriber and for contributing to the enterprise that brings you so much joy every month in your mailbox and every day on your various electronic devices. Every so often, I like to pull back the curtain and show you the cover options we considered before hitting the “print” button. Here, then, are the final two options we had for December’s “Best New Restaurants of 2012.” On the left, you see the Better Than Sex chocolate cake from Sissy’s Southern Kitchen (as photographed by the brilliant Kevin Marple). On the right, you see Lisa Garza, proprietrix of Sissy’s (as photographed by our own Elizabeth Lavin). Personally, I preferred the Lisa Garza cover. It’s a great composition. It’s unexpected. But I can’t tell you that it would sell better than the cake. Which is why we went with the cake. It communicates “food” and “restaurant” more quickly. After the jump, I invite you to register your preference in a poll.

Which cover do you prefer?
The Better Than Sex chocolate cake
Lisa Garza with chicken