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Huffington Post Claims ‘Museum Tower Is an Attack on the Nasher Sculpture Center’

For people paying close attention, there’s a lot of retreading in this Huffington Post Arts and Culture piece about Museum Tower. Doesn’t mean it isn’t worth a once-over.

In it, Cultural Landscape Foundation president Charles Birnbaum argues that the building “has undermined the harmonious environment created by [Nasher landscape architect Pete] Walker and [building architect Renzo] Piano.” It focuses on the natural harm being done to the center’s garden. In part:

In his statement in the Nasher Sculpture Center Handbook, Raymond Nasher wrote: “[O]ur intent was to create an urban cultural retreat surrounded by the energy of the large city but offering a serene and beautiful oasis for the contemplation and enjoyment of art.” Unfortunately, that serenity has been replaced by a tempest, and a good bit of denial about the impact on the landscape. I agree with Walker’s final remark in the interview, for anyone to say, “There’s no problem … that’s beyond my comprehension.”