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Centennial Beverage Is Closing Shops Across D-FW

We got a few emails from in-the-know folks over the weekend, reminding us that, oh yeah, Centennial Beverage Group isn’t doing too well:

They closed 1 Majestic store last night, and 9 more stores have been informed that today will be their last day of business. Have heard they are closing both Arlington Bottle Shoppe’s as well as the Majestic in Weatherford and Hudson Oaks. The remaining stores closing are Majestic stores in Ft Worth, based on my info.

All sorts of rumors, speculation, and probably soon-to-be-disputed aspersions in the other emails.

I called the Majestic in Weatherford, and a woman picked up the phone.

“They shut us down Saturday, 9 o’clock. We’re packing up today.”

Back in April, Tim reported that the company was $4,756,702 behind on its state taxes, which sounds like a lot of Smirnoff Ice. So I took a stroll through the TABC’s official credit law delinquent list this morning, did a quick Command+F for “Centennial,” and look what popped up:

(all entities list Centennial Beverage Group as their corporate entities)

Arlington Bottle Shop – four delinquencies

Big Daddy’s – 22 delinquencies

Centennial- 68 delinquencies

Doc’s- four delinquencies

Fat Dog- two delinquencies

Majestic- 44 delinquencies

Medallion- four delinquencies

All told, there are 148 separate listings on the TABC’s credit law delinquency list for Centennial Beverage-owned shops. I have a call in to Centennial spokesman Tony Miller; I’ll update when/if I hear back.