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Leading Off (11/16/12)

Deep Ellum is BACK: At least that’s what the Morning News thinks (paywall). Quick synopsis: Deep Ellum real estate is HOT, buildings are HOT, and the scene is HOT. “You can feel things shifting,” said one real estate agent who probably said the same thing five, 10, and 15 years ago.

Four Killed in Train Crash: A train barreled into Midland’s “Hunt For Heroes” parade honoring wounded veterans Thursday, killing four, because apparently these families haven’t sacrificed enough.

Squatter Given 90 Days in Jail, Probation: David Cooper posted up in an Arlington house for a bit and claimed it was his due to “adverse possession” laws. Problem was, it wasn’t his, and actually belonged to a couple spending time in Houston because the wife was undergoing cancer treatment. If it wasn’t for that last phrase – he got owned by that cancer line in court, for sure – I would’ve respected his entrepreneurial spirit a lot more.

Adrian Beltre Finishes Third in AL MVP Voting: And Josh Hamilton finished fifth. Neither could beat Miguel Cabrera, but no one expected them to. Also: Mike Trout should’ve won.