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Making Dallas Even Better

Kiss Poster on Train Amuses Local Editor

imageI’d like to offer congratulations to whoever it was that sold Kiss’ record label on the idea of advertising on a DART train. When you consider that there’s virtually no demographic overlap between the band’s fanbase and the transit agency’s clientele, that’s an impressive bit of salesmanship.

  • Lew Patton

    The same people who sold DART the Fort Worth Museum at Mockingbird Station.

  • Willy Loman

    Those Zig Ziglar seminars I attended in the 80’s finally paid off. I can’t wait for my commission check. Selling with this outfit is hard, they wont give a draw check anymore ๐Ÿ™

    I’m now working on a deal in Austin – SEC posters in train and bus stops. Fingers crossed.

    What a week first this and now Biff is coming home for Thanksgiving. What a reunion this going to be.

  • cute

    Aw, Dan, do you imagine KISS shows are still populated by teenagers? Teenagers with big hair and acid washed jeans? That’s cute.