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Foreign Policy on Secession: ‘Texas Would Quick Become the Next North Korea’

Source: Matthew Filipowicz

After all the bluster over White House petitions, race-baiting, and “Chuck Norris for President,” Foreign Policy filled a void that no one else has: It actually explained what would happen if Texas seceded.

Annie Lowery:

“It would be the world’s thirteenth largest economy — bigger than South Korea, Sweden, and Saudi Arabia. But its worth would crater precipitously, after NAFTA rejected it and the United States slapped it with an embargo that would make Cuba look like a free-trade zone.

Indeed, Texas would quick become the next North Korea, relying on foreign aid due to its insistence on relying on itself. 

On the foreign policy front, a seceded Texas would suffer for deserting the world superpower. Obama wouldn’t look kindly on secessionists, and would send in the military to tamp down rebellion. If Texas miraculously managed to hold its borders, Obama would not establish relations with the country — though he might send a special rapporteur. (We nominate Kinky Friedman.)”

Other buzz phrases: “narco state,” “direly impoverished,” “wracked with existential domestic and foreign policy threats.”