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The Dole-Kemp ’96 Website Still Exists, Is Great

This post is, admittedly, a stretch. But here’s how it’s relevant:

- Jack Kemp addressed the 1984 Republican National Convention in…Dallas, Texas.
– Texas Senator Phil Gramm ran against Bob Dole for the 1996 Republican nomination.

Now that THAT’S out of the way, enjoy this website that still exists and includes such hits as:

- “Right now, we feature a variety of downloadable wallpaper images. Decorate your desktop with Dole for President graphics!”
– The “updates” section of the website includes the line “Check out the past e-mail updates sent to Dole Online supporters,” but features a picture of a fax machine.
– “Following Bob Dole’s mention of his campaign Web site address in his closing remarks last night in Hartford, the site has been deluged by a flood of first-time visitors. In a single four-hour period today, the Dole-Kemp ’96 Web site received more than 762,000 “hits” — the Web standard for measuring traffic on a site.”