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Dallas-Connected Xerox Corporation Probably Still Needs Your Help

An amused, law school-attending, non-local FrontBurnervian passed this along, noting that a copy of this desperate plea is affixed to the copier at her school, but that it’s been around since at least 2010 when this particular ad ran in the ABA Journal.

The Florida-based law blog PrawfsBlawg has a few things to say about these sort of “educational” advertisements, but here’s my favorite:

Honestly, speaking, it’s unbelievable. What a bunch of weasels. I’m going to go downstairs and xerox something on the Canon photocopier right now just to do it.

Updated: Xerox is still in fact still based in Connecticut (thanks, Matt), but has Dallas offices thanks to the company’s acquisition of ACS. This still works as a funny. Sort of.