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Leading Off (11/9/12)

Two Arts Plaza Design Comes to Light: The most interesting line in this paywalled DMN story, regarding One Arts Plaza’s design: “The understated concrete and glass high-rise was styled so that it wouldn’t compete for attention with the landmark cultural facilities planned in the Arts District.” So a developer purposefully created a less attractive building, lest it take away from the “landmark” nature of new buildings? I don’t understand this city sometimes/ever.

Fort Worth Police Banned From Typing While Driving: Meaning they now have to abide by the rules every other driver in Fort Worth is subject to.

Denton Janitor Caught With 12-Year-Old: First of all, this is terrible. I’m not minimizing this, or any similar incidents. Second, a question I’ve long wondered. Do sexual predators look like creeps because we know they’re sexual predators, or are they sexual predators because they’ve been spurned due to their looks?

I Wanted to Keep Bethany’s YouTube Tradition Alive: But I failed. Find your own if you’d like, then post it here. I’m a very generous hat-tipper.