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KXT Turns Three

Source: KXT

When I first moved to Dallas two years ago, people talked about KXT like it was some sort of petulant child. Most of the time, it was fine, even entertaining, then it would turn on a dime and play a power-block of Shawn Colvin and Train.

Like every petulant child.

KXTFail popped up to try and publicly shame the fledgling station, probably doing more harm than good. Then something strange happened: the station started consistently playing better music.

In the past hour, it has played…. ahhhhJesusmyargument’sruinedtheyliterallyjustplayedShawnColvin. I really didn’t mean this to happen. I really meant this to be a congratulatory post.

Anyway, happy birthday KXT. You still make some decent mistakes (see previous paragraph) but at least you’re trying.