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CultureMap Tackles Sex Crimes Again

Last week, CultureMap posted a piece (and then another piece) about alleged rapist Ryan Romo. Both pieces were ripped apart by local media, including us.

Now, on the heels of a former Boys and Girls Club executive being arrested for sexual abuse of a minor, CultureMap is back ON IT.

Headline: “Sex crime charges against former Boys & Girls Club exec show advantage of female leadership.” Hmm, okay.

The takeaway, after reporting that less than 2 percent of sex crimes are committed by women:

For organizations that work with children, hiring more women at all levels of leadership is not a fool-proof recipe to eliminate sex crimes. But statistically it stands to reason that such a practice would at the very least lower the number of children exposed to sexual predators. 

So, what happens when one of those women commits a sex crime? Should child-based organizations then search for asexual beings to run them? Machines? Some sort of sassy Rosie the Robot character?

And how, exactly, would organizations explain this move to possible male candidates?

“Well, Mr. Johnson, we’d like to hire you, but since 98 percent of sex crimes are committed by men, we just can’t risk it.”

Come on.