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Should Dog DNA Testing, to Bust Those Who Don’t Scoop Pet Poop, be Mandatory in Dallas?

In the October issue of D Magazine, Krista wrote about the required dog DNA testing at the Ilume apartment complex on Cedar Springs Road. All pet owners who live there must submit to the scheme. Any bit of errant poop left behind by irresponsible owners is tested, and if it matches the DNA of one of the dogs on file, the owner faces a $250 fine.  (This is the same story that sparked criticism about our use of the term “Dog Nazis” on the magazine’s cover.)

Anyway, at yesterday’s Dallas City Council meeting, leaders were pitched the idea of extending the program citywide. The pitch came from the same company that runs the program for Ilume, Poo Prints. According to NBC 5’s report, Councilwoman Angela Hunt likes the idea: “I think we do need enforcement, especially in some of our denser areas where you have a lot of folks living with dogs and, if they’re not picking up. It creates a problem.”

Each dog owner would pay $30 for a DNA sample, and then the city would pay $50 to test the DNA for a match. Poo Prints claims the city could more than recoup the cost with fines. Apparently they’re going to talk about it some more, but there’s no way this becomes a reality, right? Isn’t there some Dog-ACLU that could object? Not to mention the logistical nightmare?

Oh – and I guess I should plug the fact that nominations for our cutest dog in Dallas contest are still being accepted, no DNA sample required.