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True Confessions of a Robo-Caller, Ctd.

A local lady sent me an email in response to this post. She didn’t want to post her children’s phone numbers on the blog, but she said I could call them if I wanted to. She said she was “keeping my fingers crossed these two twentysomethings will heed their parents’ example and encouragement to actually vote.” I couldn’t reach her daughter. But I got her son. Here’s how our conversation went:

P.P.: “Hello?”

ME: “Is this P.P.?”

P.P.: “Yeah.”

ME: “Hi, this is Tim Rogers. I’m the editor of D Magazine, and your mother wants you to vote today.”

P.P.: “What?”

ME: “Your mother? S.P.? She wants you to vote.”

P.P.: “So why are you calling me? She already told me that.”

ME: “Because it’s important that you cast your ballot, let your voice be heard.”

P.P.: “Whatever.”

I’m going to mark him down as “undecided.”