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Making Dallas Even Better

The Longest Touchdown in History, From Texas of Course

It’s not from Dallas, but it’s worth watching. The video is from Friday night’s Mission Sharyland- Mission Edinburg game, in the Rio Grande Valley, and it’s a fine combination of brashness/stupidity, the kind only found in teenage boys who spend their nights smashing into each other.

Sean Landez could’ve let a missed field goal sail past the end line, or he could snatch it from mid-air, almost fall out-of-bounds, then start running. He chose the latter.

(h/t Bud Kennedy)

  • Jean Val Jean

    Yeah, you totally butchered the teams.
    It’s Sharyland Rattlers
    Edingburg North Cougars.

  • olsportsguy

    Sharyland won, 48-7. In case you wondered.