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Should Sean Payton Be the Next Cowboys Coach?

Yeah, probably, but no one in the organization’s going to say that. Sean Payton, the exiled head coach of the New Orleans Saints, recently had his contract voided by the NFL, opening the door to a return to Dallas. Payton served as the team’s assistant head coach from 2003 to 2005, owns a house in Southlake, and won a Super Bowl with the Saints.

Jerry, yesterday, before he was locked out of his own locker room:

“I don’t know anything about other club’s contracts, I don’t know any details. It’s just totally, not anything to do with the Cowboys or our team at all. I put those kinds of things, (they’re) beyond me,” said Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones. “I don’t know what created the speculation. It has no (base) from anything we’ve heard or anything like that.”

Yahoo! columnist Dan Wetzel had other thoughts:

Garrett is now 16-16 as a head coach [he took over the Cowboys in the middle of the 2010 season]. He was a gamble then. He is no less a question mark now.

Jones, reminded of his forever optimism, recited a past comment where he said he liked the direction of the franchise.

“Well, I liked the direction when I said it,” he acknowledged. “So I’m just saying I don’t like our direction when we’re sitting here having lost [Sunday night].”

The Cowboys’ owner letting off steam in a quiet, frustrated locker room is becoming a common occurrence. The NFL may have just sprung Sean Payton into free agency at season’s end.

It’s a long shot marriage, but at some point what does Jerry Jones have to lose by asking?