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Leading Off (11/2/12)

Mansfield Man Jailed For Missing Jury Duty Five Times: Jose Bocanegra’s excuse was “Yeah I don’t want to wait,” which, really, is pretty spot-on. He also dodged his first summons by claiming he was a felon when he wasn’t, marking the first time in history that conversation has gone in that direction.

Temperatures Will Test The Record Books Today: The mercury could hit 90 today and tomorrow, 15 degrees warmer than the norm. Enjoy your pumpkin lattes!

Pantego Woman Sues Cops Over Burst Implant: I don’t know anything about breast implants, but it seems the technology should’ve advanced enough that I shouldn’t have to type that headline, no? Nonetheless, Rebecca Van Hooser claims one of her breasts popped when a Pantego cop threw her on the hood of her car following a headlight violation.

Goodbye, Bethany: I’m taking over the Friday Leading Off from Bethany Anderson, beloved commenter turned FrontBurner contributor. I will try to take the YouTube baton and run with it. Thanks for the memories.

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8 comments on “Leading Off (11/2/12)

  1. Friday was always my favorite Leading Off, partly for content, partly because it was ready with my first cup of coffee.

    So far: check, check

  2. I don’t comment much but I do stalk these halls daily as a reader. Bethany’s Friday Morning Leading Off was always my favorite post of the week. Thank you Bethany!! I hope we still get a great B. Anderson post every now and then. And Bradford, I enjoyed reading your posts on Oak Cliff People. Good luck with FrontBurner!

  3. Yeah, Bethany rocks.

    Bradford, did your parents name your brother Bartlett Pearson?