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We Should All Be Thankful Texas Isn’t a Swing State

Source: Washington Post

While I was back in Maryland this week for my wedding, I noticed something that somehow escaped my mind the past couple months: presidential campaign ads.

Slippery, gross little things, they are.

During Tuesday night’s Heat-Celtics game, every commercial break was full of them, up to five in a row at one point. Obama would trot out a blind steelworker, then Romney would find someone with a club foot who doesn’t think their club foot would much care for Obamacare. The Post has a running map/graphic that shows each campaign’s TV spending, and Texas is one of only seven states with zero presidential TV ads.

That fact doesn’t matter until you watch TV in a metro-area that’s had $63 million worth of them dumped into its collective living room. ¡Viva el estado rojo!

6 comments on “We Should All Be Thankful Texas Isn’t a Swing State

  1. I live in the darkest of dark green states on the map and let me just say–I CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS TO BE OVER.
    It’s gotten to the point where I won’t even watch the local news live–everything is on DVR. I will never complain about cheesy viagra ads or screaming car dealer ads again.

  2. Interesting, since I’ve seen a couple of Obama TV ads…they were on cable channels, though – so maybe they were regional ads?

  3. I’d gladly subject myself to more national campaign ads, if it meant we could rid our nation of the obsolete abomination known as the Electoral College.

  4. @Bradford, need you to spend your new FrontBurner salary money on this new-fangled thing called a DVR. skip the ads.
    @Jason: super-like. Agree 100%.

    What I really want is a Facebook app that will automatically hide anyone who mentions Romney or Obama until Nov 5. Then put them back in my feed.

  5. @George: you may want to have that app keep them off for a bit of the aftermath. Either way it goes I expect those who are vocal about politics will be more vocal the week after, but it should die down over time.