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Glenn Beck Wants to Sell You Real American Jeans

I’m glad that Glenn Beck is living and producing his work in our neck of the woods now, because it provides an excuse for posting this ad for his 1791 clothing line, which is funding his nonprofit Mercury One initiative to “fix America one town at a time.”

Slate is right about this video, though. You really want to leave the audience with the image of your red-blooded American male in 1791 jeans running away after lighting up what might turn out to be a rocket-ship-shaped explosive device?

5 comments on “Glenn Beck Wants to Sell You Real American Jeans

  1. The denim in those pants just breathe with the sweet sweet breath of freedom! Thank you for your service Glen:)

  2. Where did Luke Wilson get the power to run that angle grinder, out on the salt flats of rugged America? And if he dragged all that crap out there, probably in a manly truck, why not get IN said manly truck and drive quickly away from his Little Rascals rocket? So confused…