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Musings on the Klyde Warren Park Concert Ticketing Process

Klyde Warren Park will officially open October 27 with a Polyphonic Spree concert. The show is free, but you have to register to get tickets. Only 6,000 people will be admitted. Go ahead and pop over there now, if you wish, and submit to the process. When you return, I’ll share some thoughts about why this process will surely fail.

To register, you ask for the number of tickets you want. You provide your name and email address. You are then directed to a confirmation page, which you are instructed to print and bring to a Chase or Albertsons location, where you can pick up a wristband that gets you into the concert. Here’s the thing, though: that confirmation page includes no bar code or other identifying mark, and you can print it as many times as you wish. So you register for four tickets, and you print your confirmation three times. You make three trips to three Alberstons, and you pick up 12 wristbands for you and all your friends. There are only 6,000 wristbands (presumably), and they will run out quickly as you won’t be the only person running such a scheme. Then I show up at Albertsons with my confirmation and learn that it’s not really a confirmation at all, because the wristbands have run out.

So why, I ask, force us to go through the silly registration process? Simply to collect email addresses for marketing purposes? I’m sure it is. But even that process is flawed. You can provide a bogus email address and still print a confirmation.

Anyway, see you at the show. I hope.

UPDATE (11:01) — Thirty-five minutes ago, Klyde Warren Park tweeted that it had “sold out” of the wristbands. Well, yes and no. I took my confirmation for three wristbands to Chase headquarters, on Ross Avenue, where a nice woman told me they hadn’t gotten their wristbands yet. She took my name and number, and she asked how many wristbands I wanted. “You don’t want to see my confirmation?” I asked. Nope. If I were smart, I would have told her to put me down for 100 and then sold 97 of them on eBay. Instead, I told her I’d registered for three. She said she’d call me in 20 minutes. Developing.

UPDATE (1:46) — I talked to a KWP official who is working on the wristband situation. Thing is, they had no idea the response to the event would be as enthusiastic as it has been. They figured they’d have a couple days to go around and restock wristband locations as they were depleted. This official admitted that they “stubbed their toe” on this one but said they’re redoubling their efforts to give good customer service going forward to put on a great, free event October 27. “As long as we don’t have ice,” he said. Yes, indeed.

18 comments on “Musings on the Klyde Warren Park Concert Ticketing Process

  1. I’m driving from Fort Worth and wondering what the chances are I’ll actually get wristbands???

  2. Possibly the weight of over 6000 people will crash the park onto the freeway.
    May I bring my folding chair and sit in the (hopefully closed) service roads outside the park to hear the concert ?

  3. Any kind person want to send me a confirmation so I can pick up a pair of tickets? Missed out this morning :( huynh.kimp at gmail dot com


  4. Awesome job, KWP. Just drove to Albertson’s only to find out they don’t have the wristbands yet. They’re estimation: “we’ll have them around Friday.”

    I do not plan on being able to get tickets to this.

  5. Tim could just post his confirmation so we can all print it. We won’t tell anyone else Tim, honest.

  6. Or you could avoid all the nonsense and go, say, a week or 2 after it opens. Still don’t understand going to sit in a park that is surrounded by traffic, fumes, noise, and no parking. How relaxing.

  7. So what happens when Albertson’s (A) runs out? Do you drive to Albertson’s (B) and (C)? Except they are out, but Chase 15 miles across town has them.

    How is someone with a confirmation supposed to know which locations still have wristbands? You just drive all over the city? That’s one way to make someone want to enjoy the park’s activites on a regular basis.

  8. Allison, that’s exactly right. It’s just a cheap sponsorship grab on our behalf. I would have much rather just paid $10 for the thing and not have to deal with all this crap.

    If you didn’t get a ticket this morning, don’t worry. Most of us who “did” will end up empty-handed.

  9. I just got my 3 wristbands from the Albertson’s on McKinney. The lady behind me got a bunch of wristbands. Maybe she read Tim’s post first.

  10. Everyone with a confirmation will receive a wristband.
    Please contact us directly if you are having trouble 214.716.4500

  11. Obviously @Park Staff doesn’t understand the concept of this entire thread if they think that “everyone with a confirmation will receive a wristband”.

  12. What I don’t get is why these places weren’t stocked with wristbands BEFORE the confirmation e-mails were sent out. How brilliant, I should be on the Klyde Warren board of directors. Or marketing. Or something like that.