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32 comments on “Behind the Scenes at D Magazine

  1. JC Penney unveils its latest store-within-a-store concept: The Black Knight’s “‘Tis but a scratch” line of apparel.

  2. The actors auditioning for the roll of Zac Crain in the upcoming “VH1 – Behind the scenes – D Magazine ” prepare by reading a Zac Crain blog post, and falling asleep…

  3. @bigjondaniel: Obviously, since you are a working comedian, you’re aware of the various open-mic nights at comedy clubs around town, but just in case you are not, I’m working on compiling a list. Don’t deprive the world of your out-there take on modern life, Jon.

  4. Memo to Office: Beginning today we will discontinue the lunch Blue White Scrimmage due to horrific injuries.

  5. @Zaccrain I only have about 5-6 minutes of good material, but I’m working on more. I’ve been listening to Marc Maron’s podcast for inspiration. I remain your humble servant…

  6. A visitor to D Magazine’s office on Friday afternoon searches in vain for anyone with a pulse.

  7. John Wiley Price’s Revenge
    Craig James’ SMU Burial Ground Located
    A picture from the auditions for the supporting role in Two and a Half men

  8. After reviewing the signature on the delivery confirmation, Mr. Allison ascertained that all eight missing sections had been packed into the trunk of a vehicle belonging to Mr. Crain.

  9. “How many people do you think will trip over the one in the front? This is what we do when we are bored.”

  10. The class for SMU frat boys on how to have sex with passed out KKG’s hadn’t started yet

  11. The white dummies I get. What I wish to know is where did the black female walking by come from?