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This Aggie Joke Writes Itself


With SMU’s football team hosting Texas A&M tomorrow afternoon, this is the perfect time to share the Aggie joke that is playing out on my block. One of my neighbors has converted a school bus into a venue for tailgate parties. Note the length of the bus.

13 comments on “This Aggie Joke Writes Itself

  1. Dumb, and probably a bit over the line (in terms of sensitivity towards the handicapped more than A&M)

  2. Hey Dan, thanks for featuring our bus! Feel free to come party with us this weekend at the game. Remember, it’s not the size of the bus that matters…

  3. I think it’s funny. I know Dan and I know he’s not going to make fun of a special needs child, he is the parent of one. He’s not, however, an Aggie parent, so they’re fair game. Lighten up and Pony Up.

  4. There isn’t a better (or smarter) group of people who creatively converted this bus. You should see the interior! I hope you took them up on their offer to tailgate, I promise you would have a blast!

  5. Awesome!!! As for the first remark, welcome to 2012. Most buses now are currently accessible not just the short ones… Orton maybe you are the judgemental one??? Try short bus for not loooong bus like the looong horns???

  6. While we are not Aggie fans, we think the bus is AWESOME!!! You should have taken the picture of the side with the keg tap coming out, I’m sure they’re having a great time tailgating today!!