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Trey Garrison Announces Book Deal

Back in May, former D Magazine staffer Trey Garrison posted on his blog that he’d signed a book deal. Peter Simek put up an item about the deal on FrontRow. Then Trey’s post vanished. If you follow the link to it from Peter’s post, you’ll find a 404. Then, yesterday, Trey again put up a post announcing his book deal. One presumes this post will remain posted longer. Trey’s deal is with Harper Voyager, the sci-fi imprint for HarperCollins. From the release:

Trey Garrison’s debut novel, THE SPEAR OF DESTINY, the first in the alternate history steam-punk “Far Ranger” series, is set in a very different 1920s where the North American continent is comprised of rival nations, and science and the supernatural co-exist. Great War veterans and freelance pilots Sean Rucker and Jesus D’Anconia Lago are reluctantly pulled into a quest to save the world. Will Hinton at Harper Voyager is the editor for publication. It will be published in three parts starting December 2012. Trey is represented by David Hale Smith at Inkwell Management in a two-book deal.

Well, congratulations to Trey. To celebrate, and perhaps to give curious readers some book-buying guidance, here are some of my favorite Trey Garrison tweets from recent weeks:


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  • Daniel

    Avid Reader,

    Look, son, I know how hard it is to be a member of the most oppressed group in human history (white Christian males), but you can’t let that become a crutch. You’re just going to have to be twice as good as a poor black person in order to succeed. A little self-pity, such as you’re evincing now, is understandable here and there — hey, I hate poor black people, too, sometimes, for all they’ve done to me and to my forebears. But you can’t let it eat you up, son.

    Personally, I’ve always felt very sorry for myself for having to be a white, educated, male Christian in a world that shows me nothing but contempt. But I realize now — alas, too late, for me — that this has been my mistake. You still have a chance, though, kid. Now get out there and prove’em all wrong!

  • Avid Reader

    Thanks for the encouragement Daniel. I appreciate you taking the time to follow my postings, really made my day.