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Making Dallas Even Better

Maggie Parks, Courtney Kerr, and Genevieve Genovese: “Most Beautiful” Week 1 Finalists

A very big congrats to these women, who will reappear in the final round of voting.

Now, go check out this week’s new leading ladies and come back September 17 to vote for the top 10 in the finals.

  • Dan

    Courtney Kerr must be voting for herself.

  • Amanda

    Second that, Dan.

  • Agnes

    How possible is it that Courtney Kerr will vote for herself? Aren’t you tire of the bullying? Courtney have proven to you guys time and again that she’s a winner. We love her and nothing will change that.

  • DGirl

    Courtney is adorable! Lay off. You only look jealous.

  • Brandy

    Why do people (Dan & Amanda) need to be so mean? Have some manners!

  • Gumshoe

    Yes, jealous Dan and Amanda. Have some manner and let adorable Courteny vote for herself in peace and quiet.