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6 comments on “Ritz Carlton Penthouse for Sale: $14 million

  1. Meh…I’d much rather have a nice house with a wraparound porch sitting on about 5 acres somewhere down in the Hill Country.

  2. Look at what you get indeed: A series of contiguous corridors, each with its own built-in television, and a pretentiously appointed terrace surrounded by other people’s windows. Admitttedly, the views are nice. But for $14M, you could view something a lot nicer than Dallas.

  3. Daniel is right, but keep in mind that if one is willing to blow $14M on a high-rise penthouse in a non-NY/Chi/SF, its most likely because they’re either (a) hilariously wealthy or (b) a true believer in Dallas. After this week’s lack-of-jobs cover story, we should welcome both types–anybody bringing new money into the city or spending their existing money here is an asset.

  4. Nice…..but nothing you can’t find in 50 other cities across the US…more or less. Same ole.. Same ole…same ole! Got anything different?? More warmth and perhaps a little less….pretentiousness! It feels so 2006!