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What Should Appear on DART’s Monitors?


I basked in the glow of this monitor during one of my commutes last week. It was the first time I’d ever seen such screens on a DART train, and I haven’t seen any since then, so I emailed DART spokesman Morgan Lyons to ask what the deal was.

“They were installed as a demonstration during a rail conference we hosted in June,” Lyons said via email. “They will be on the new buses we’re putting in service later this year, and we wanted to see how they work on trains.”

Lyons said the monitors are on only two cars. There are no plans to put them on the full fleet; the buses are the priority.

He didn’t answer my question about what we commuters might see on the monitors besides the DART logo. So, fellow strap hangers, what would you like to watch?

13 comments on “What Should Appear on DART’s Monitors?

  1. They could give updated location, and route information, traffic and weather conditions, etc. What they will give is scrolling selections of mediocre to bad poetry payed for with tax dollars.

  2. I’d be happy with a real-time map of where your bus or train is going and a live Twitter feed from DART (since that does a better job of communicating service delays than the bus driver or train operator).

  3. How about a map of Dallas traffic and porn so you know when you get off the DART train where you are screwed?

  4. Jerry Springer or any Judge show (Judy, Joe Brown, etc…). Basically what any DART rider would be watching if they were at home.

  5. How about videos and pics of the ongoing air assault on mosquitoes; I think all of us would like to see the casualties up close and personal, I know I certainly would !
    My wife thinks its a scam.