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Making Dallas Even Better

Dallas, Where 70 Percent Of The People Are Horrible Human Beings Who Deserve To Die

From The Onion. Just watch (h/t Scoops):

  • Aren Cambre

    Bad copyediting. Windsor Village United Methodist Church is in Houston. The map and announcer were supposedly in Dallas.

  • Phelps

    Paintball Bonanza is in Houston too.

  • Peter Simek

    Maybe, but I’m calling the Crescent Paintball Bonanza from now on. Fits just fine.

  • Jerome Weeks

    I think they may have deliberately named sites not actually in Dallas — the better to, you know, avoid lawsuits and/or physical assaults from our “loudmouthed, self-righteous morons.”

    On the other hand, best theater view of “Jekyll and Hyde,” ever.

  • Don O”Hara

    hurrah for Weeks’s other hand! Attach more to him!

  • Lmfao Lol