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12 comments on “Mike Modano To Divorce Willa Ford

  1. “One presumes there is more than one eager young lass in this town who is not saddened by the news.”

    Or laddie, either.

  2. Headline: “Willa Ford and Husband to Divorce”.

    Huh?? I know I’m wearing my Stars hat here, but is Amanda really so famous as to relegate #9 to no-name status?

  3. No more hockey career / lack of spotlight + Ford’s appearances on Magic City & Leverage = Modano not helping her career.

    Prediction: Ford will move to LA soon, followed by her dating someone her agent sets up for her to enhance brand

  4. Shocked. Shocked I tell you. And I strongly suspect Mike was not planning to divorce her until recently.

  5. Eactly what you said “Charm Offensive”. Obviously, that people writer is NOT from Dallas. In this part of the world, it’s Mike Modano & wife to divorce. Amanda becomes a footnote in Mike’s biography. In our world, he’s #1 AND a silver medalist (Olympic fever).

  6. She hasn’t “lived” in Dallas for quite a while and this was a long time coming.

  7. Wish my wife lived across the country. Oh, that’s right, she does. And she cleaned her wedding ring today! Winning.

  8. I thought something was up when a photo of Mike and another woman was published recently with a caption calling her his “girlfriend.” She was a cute brunette and definitely not Willa!