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Tux Challenge Day 5: Kill Me Now

You know what’s not really a big deal? Going to a dinner party dressed in a tux. You know what really blows? Waking up Sunday morning and putting that tux back on. And then going grocery shopping.


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12 comments on “Tux Challenge Day 5: Kill Me Now

  1. You’re probably going to have PTSD at the end of this challenge and the mere sight of your reward will cause you great anguish. You’ll never put a tux on again. Zac is a GENIUS!

  2. Me thinks my bud Tim protesteth too much. This is almost like the busty blond who wears revealing blouses and complains about everyone not looking her in the eyes. Tim loves the attention, lives for it.

  3. Alright, someone settle a bet for me. Is this the photo of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria or of Gavrilo Princip, the guy who assassinated him, launching WWI?

  4. I didn’t realize FrontBurner was turning into a mediocre radio morning show… What is next? Prank phone calls to Dallas City Hall?

  5. Based solely on the pic, I’m not so sure it isn’t the Patron rather than the tux.

  6. Your usually jovial mien has been blunted into the dead gaze of an axe murderer, I see. Is a new tuxedo really worth this savage spiritual necrosis — worth becoming a cruel soulless sociopath? (Yes, yes, a new expensive tuxedo, I got that. Plus shoes.)

  7. Daniel: Wonderful employment of the word “mien.” You don’t see that one in weblog commentary everyday.