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A Post About Tammy Dombeck So That I Can Post This Picture Again

Uncle Barky says Tammy Dombeck’s last day at NBC Channel 5 will be Friday of next week. That makes me sad. But this picture makes me happy. I received it in the mail back in 2006, with a note that read: “We love ya Tim! Your Ch. 5 & Ch. 8 girls! XOXO, Tammy, Alexa & Andrea”

16 comments on “A Post About Tammy Dombeck So That I Can Post This Picture Again

  1. I never understood why she was permitted to be on tv with those giant ta-tas and squeaky voice. I hope she won the lottery and is retiring.

  2. I’m sure men all over DFW will be weeping. I never understood why she was loved so much by them. It can’t just be the breasts and the blonde hair, right?

  3. I can only imagine she’s over the breast thing by now. She had a great smile (used liberally), was always “on”, and knew her roads. I had the impression that she was a hard worker. I will miss her in the morning. Good luck Tammy.

  4. See you later, Tam. Yes, we will follow you wherever you land. Keep wearin’ those red dresses!

    Larry & ‘em

  5. sorry to see you go. been watching for 10 years and i drive 4 miles to work. stay in the publics eye.

  6. Tammy Dombeck was THE only reason I was still watching NBC…first they take Ann Curry off of the Today Show and now this. Booo!

  7. Glad to see her gone. Her slinging her elbows back flexing her boobs was getting annoying. I like em as much as anyone but daily advertising was a little raunchy.

  8. Even with the floppies she’s a hottie, love the big naturals.

    And let me get this right… I’m having to do without my morning “Tammy” fix because the idiots at Comcast didn’t want to continue paying for her makeup and wardrobe expenses? I’m switching to channel 11 and it’s just one more reason for me to not like Comcast (among many).