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13 comments on “Richards Group Gives Chuck E. Cheese a Makeover

  1. The mouse should be holding an iPhone, have earbuds in and ignoring everyone around him.

  2. I asked my eight-year-old daughter. She’s the expert. She said, “I think that one is fine–” (pointing to the older Chuck) “–I don’t like that one” (pointing to the newer Chuck). There you have it.

  3. Poochie! He has attitude! He’s proactive! He doesn’t just get busy, he gets biz-zay! And he recycles!

  4. Seems like it would’ve been a decent opportunity to ditch the whole, you know, “large rat near the food we’re selling” angle altogether.

  5. Why? Are they trying to attract older kids? The new one looks a lot more like something I don’t want near my food.

  6. My employer uses the Richards Group and I’ve said many times over that they have no clue on how to properly market our product. This proves how clueless they are…they went from mouse to rat! How ridiculous was that thought process? They don’t understand that their target group is children from 1-5 (maybe up to 7-8) years old. No pre-teen and older would be caught dead in a Chuck E. Cheese unless they unfortunately have toddlers of their own or are forced to go with their family for the toddler sibling. This is more Ratatouille than Chuck E. Cheese. Oh well!