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Was I Not Clear Before?

STOP POSTING THERMOMETER PICS ON FACEBOOK/TWITTER/INSTAGRAM. And don’t think you can get around it by posting thermometer shots of somewhere else and saying “I wish :) !!!!!!” because that is maybe even worse. I am a human with working nerves and ruined shirts so I obviously know what the temperature is, and I live in Texas, so I could probably guess even if you locked me in a sensory depravation tank, or banged me on the head so I turned into the guy from Memento/Tim. I stay up late, have a laptop, and am an extremely good guesser (the number you’re thinking of right now is 8), so please do not make me lock all of you out of your accounts, because I will do so.

Your “pal,”


10 comments on “Was I Not Clear Before?

  1. Couldn’t agree more. You’d think in Texas, especially after last summer, hot temps wouldn’t be breaking news. Get used to it or get out.

  2. I want you to imagine this post as a “condescending Wonka” meme:

    Oh you’re annoyed people are posting pictures of their car thermometers?
    Tell me about all the really important status updates you could be reading instead.