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Is This Some Old Guy Exercise Secret I Am Unaware of?

This morning, I worked out at the Jewish Community Center. My son goes to summer camp there, and to make that possible, my ex-wife and I have to get a summer membership. So I was trying to make the most of it, instead of wasting that money, as per usual. ANYWAY, when I was getting changed to leave, an older fella walked in. He opened his locker and used the shelf to pop the top off a bottle of Heineken. Then he poured about two inches of it into a water bottle. Then he filled up the rest of the bottle with Perrier. Almost all of this seems like something I would not want to drink while exercising. But I have to wonder: does this guy know something I don’t?

14 comments on “Is This Some Old Guy Exercise Secret I Am Unaware of?

  1. While I was making my traditional morning drink, which I call a Surrender Monkey Blitzkrieg, I caught you staring at my ass, Zac.

  2. Tim, Heineken is Dutch not German. Your drink should be called Surrender Monkey Woodenshoes.

  3. Zac, you have unwittingly stumbled upon the source of Old Man Strength. Kudos.

  4. All this time I thought the old guy exercise secret (Downtown 24 hr fitness edition) was – HOLY CRAP would you old dudes please at least wear a towel while standing around complaining about Obama?

  5. Guy probably has arthritis. Beer is a lot easier on the stomach in the morning than most pain killers.

  6. @Steve – that goes double for the Downtown Y. It’s the nexus of old man nekkidness.