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12 comments on “Sorting Out The Three Mikes

  1. Not only does Mayor Mike hang out on Facebook, he actively solicits feedback from his constituents only to do the exact opposite of what they suggest. You know, he LOVES to punk us because he missed the old Ashton Kutcher that was married to Demi Moore and would never play Steve Jobs in a movie.

  2. I am lost on this topic. Why does someone in office not have the right to endorse anyone for anything?

  3. @Avid Reader: The city code of ethics prohibits endorsing, for instance, candidates for DISD school board trustee by someone like, say, the mayor. Rawlings got around it on a technicality, saying the endorsements came from Citizen Mike Rawlings, not Mayor Mike Rawlings. A complaint was filed by one of the trustee candidates, and it was answered by Respondent Mike Rawlings, but it was dismissed because Rawlings never mentioned he was the mayor in the release he sent out.

    All caught up?

  4. Thanks for the info. Now on to another question that will show my limited knowledge of our local gov’t. Why does our city code of ethics prohibit endorsing candidates for DISD school board trustee by someone like, say, the mayor? Can individual citizens not be trusted to make up their own minds regardless of what some elected official says?

  5. @Grot the Wok: I like that Hype Cycle link. One question; is the Trough of Disillusionment (band name alert) anywhere near the Pit of Despair?

  6. ChuckE – It’s hard to see, but it’s closer to “Smoking Blunts and Drinkin’ 40s.”

  7. Zac:

    It wasn’t really a technicality, it was the clear wording and intent of the law: the mayor can endorese so long as the endorsement doesn’t mention his office.

    If you want the law to be stronger, push for that. But so long as the law has a clear exception, don’t try to play it off as a sneaky lawyer move. It’s not llike it was an oversight when the law was written.

    He clearly followed the law.