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Actor Nick Stahl Is Missing

According to this, his wife filed a missing persons report on Monday. Stahl grew up in Plano and Richardson, and I recall seeing him at City Tavern one night a while back, around the time Night of the White Pants was filming around here.

(Aside: two other local connections, both Jim Schutze related. Stahl starred in Bully, based on Schutze’s book of the same name, and — unless my memory is failing me — that yellow muscle car in the White Pants poster (click that link) belongs to Schutze. I swear he drove it to the Observer office at one point.)

Hope he turns up soon, and safe.

4 comments on “Actor Nick Stahl Is Missing

  1. Jim’s son drove the yellow Camaro – I used to see it in the Woodrow parking lot and at Zudhi Texaco – along side my ’66 Mustang.

    I hope that Mr. Stahl will be found safe and sound.

  2. This is distressing news. I am a fan and enjoyed his work on not only ‘Bully’ and ‘Terminator’ but the HBO series ‘Carnivale’. I hope so much he turns up safe and sound.

  3. Stahl was great in Sin City and Carnivale. I’m one of the five people who own the Night of the White Pants DVD. I love that movie.

    My thoughts go out to his family. I hope he’s okay.