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Dallas Morning News Website Decides It’s Got to Have More Cowbell (Cheap Pageviews)

As Peter noted this morning, NBC5 anchor Jane McGarry was arrested on a DWI charge over the weekend. So today The Dallas Morning News decides it’s the perfect opportunity for a career-retrospective photo gallery of McGarry. (Her mug shot was left out.)  Also teased on the Morning News homepage right now is a gallery of “Local Artist […]

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How American Airlines Screwed Some Very Frequent Fliers

The L.A. Times had a very interesting story over the weekend about American Airlines’ “AAirpass” program. It sounds like a dream: for anywhere between $250,000 (when the program began) and $3 million (the most recent offer, in 2004, which nobody took up), AA customers could purchase tickets that gave them unlimited first-class travel for life. […]

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Leading Off (5/7/12)

Identity Theft Leads to Sexual Misconduct Charge (Or One Reason While I’ll Never Teach High School):Bryce Benekos, a teacher and coach at a Burleson high school, was put on paid administrative leave after a police investigation was launched looking into an alleged improper online relationship with a 16-year-old student. Ultimately, Benekos was not prosecuted due […]

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