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Making Dallas Even Better

Why We Will Spend Decades and Billions on a Toll Road and Never Properly Address Public Transit

Over on the Dallas Morning News transportation blog, Editorial Writer Rodger Jones writes that he believes the entire issue of the Trinity toll road boils down to one thing: traffic relief. Then, reporter Michael Lindberger asks those who oppose the toll road to offer better solutions to the problem of relieving downtown traffic congestion. The […]

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Leading Off (5/3/12)

Charges Against Deion Sanders Could Grow. According to this, Prosper police are referring criminal mischief charges against the former Dallas Cowboy, stemming from an altercation with his estranged wife Pilar. He’s already facing an assault charge. Also, unrelated: his Prime Prep Academy sounds like a scam. Also also, his rap video from 1993 still exists. […]

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