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Updated List of Yu Darvish Puns For Headline Writers

Napoli on Darvish: Yu Can Count On Me

Have I Told Yu Lately That I Love Yu? — Evan Grant All-Star Break essay

Only Yu (And Yu Alone) — any complete game

Is Yu Is Or Is Yu Ain’t My Baby? — locker room drama

A Picture of Me (Without Yu) — disabled list appearance

More Yu Becomes Yu

Terrence, Trent, Darvish — assuming they get two other pitchers named Terrence and Trent and then that is the new starting rotation; kind of a stretch, but I can see it, sort of, because I have an imagination and kind of would be interested in seeing this

Fix Yu — should he run into mechanical trouble somewhere along the way

Someone Like Yu

American Darvish

14 comments on “Updated List of Yu Darvish Puns For Headline Writers

  1. See Yu Later – ESPN highlights reel

    Yu Can’t Always Get What Yu Want – after a big loss

    Darvish Moon – Two scoreless games (or no hitters) in the same month

    Yu Talking to Me? – on the off chance that Yu goes Taxi Cab on us.

  2. Found out About Yu — pitcher discovered to be pitching while secretly drunk on gin, blossoms into scandal.

  3. Doh! I was punning Harvest Moon, but used the sense of blue moon. So Darvish Moon would be a win closest to the autumnal equinox.

  4. Yu Tang Clan ain’t nuthin’ to f**k with

    Sorry, CJ Wilson. Yu just got out-Whataburgered

    Come As Yu Are ~ Yu Know You’re Right

    Shine On Yu Crazy Diamond

    Wish Yu Were Here

    I Want To Take Yu Higher

  5. I think there are marketing opportunities –

    AT&T – Yu-Verse
    Yoohoo – YuHoo
    Youtube – YuTube

    These could easily be Yused during games – This inning is brought to you by Yu-Verse. Tonight’s YuTube moment. This is the YuHoo inning. If Yu strikes out the side, everyone gets a complimentary YooHoo.

  6. Yu Bisou Bisou — Man Man Darvish Kisses Off the Blue Jays

    (this would work better if the Expos were still in Montreal)

  7. What I like about YU.

    And YUUUUUUUUU thrill me.

    Of course, if he ever craters, it’ll be Forget Yu (etc.)

    But I know I’ll never find another Yu.