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Making Dallas Even Better

2012 Dallas Mavericks (And Their Fans) Can Look to 1995 Houston Rockets For Hope

In 1994, the Houston Rockets, led by a singular star (Hakeem Olajuwon) and a supporting cast of role players, finally won a championship, after one near-miss (losing to Boston in the 1986 NBA Finals) and a fair amount of disappointing playoff exits. It was a dream season, one that didn’t look likely to repeat itself […]

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Vote For the Best Sports, Arts, and Media in Dallas

Our Best of Big D Readers’ Choice: Culture voting has begun. Who’s the best sports star in Dallas? Who’s the best TV broadcaster? What’s the best performing arts venue? What’s Dallas’ best local landmark? Weigh in on these and other questions once a day through May 6. Here’s where to cast your ballot.

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Leading Off (4/23/12)

Dashboard Cameras Catch Police Officers Breaking Law, So Officers Want To Quit Reviews: Dallas police squad cars’ dashboard cameras have two roles 1) to protect citizens against excessive force, and 2) to protect officers against wrongful accusations. But the cameras also catch officers speeding, breaking traffic laws, not turning on their lights, and other infringements […]

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