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The Continuing Incompetence of Larry Friedman

Alan Peppard has more details this morning on the Big Rich Texas lawsuit. My favorite tidbit:

Carter Boisvert, a lawyer in Friedman’s firm, says that part of that effort included contacting D Magazine Partners chairman and editor-in-chief Wick Allison to have offending statements about Duarte removed from FrontRow.

“We sent a letter to Mr. Allison asking that he do that,” Boisvert said.

“I never received any letter or complaint,” Allison said on Wednesday afternoon. “If anyone says I have, I’d love to see proof.”

Friedman eventually provided a copy of a March 21 certified letter to Allison formally requesting the removal of specific disparaging remarks about Duarte from FrontRow. It’s below. But it should be noted: Friedman sent the letter to the magazine’s old offices on Oak Lawn, not its downtown Dallas digs at 750 N. St. Paul Street — where D‘s been perched since October 2009.

10 comments on “The Continuing Incompetence of Larry Friedman

  1. Would love to comment on the character of Mr. F. But he is a Bully and very afraid he might harass and sue me.

  2. Why on earth would they provide a USPS tracking printout that shows no delivery in the nearly-two-weeks since they mailed the letter?

  3. I read the letter that was posted. The truth is Friedman did not write the letter. I suppose Mr. Wick was more concerned about attacking people than reporting the truth.

  4. Feiger of FF wrote the letter to the wrong address, Boisvert of FF wrongly said they contacted Allison, and Friedman of FF “proved” they contacted Allison by providing a wrongly-addressed letter and proof of NON-delivery.

    One of the D/PN folks said that Merritt had already disassociated with FrontRow when the suit was filed. Why had she? Is she no longer associated with any of the D/PN publications? If so, why?

  5. Wait….so the items stating Pamela Martin-Duarte is a sociopath, habitual liar, gold digger turned call girl in the 80’s, former stripper in Florida and NY, a former drunken barfly in Old Towne, used to service old men, and stole credit cards in a comment on Front Row are not entirely true?

  6. It’s likely some of the events took place in the early 90’s. Perhaps it’s the timeline that she is arguing. She wouldn’t want the public viewing her as over-the-hill.