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Making Dallas Even Better

EPA Settles Landmark Drilling Case Against Range Resources

A North Texas lawsuit that appeared to set the stage for a battle between the Environmental Protection Agency and the natural gas drilling industry–back by the Rick Perry-appointed Texas Railroad Commission–has been settled. The case had become a flashpoint for debate over the environmental effects fracking. (Think Gasland goes to court.) In December 2010, the […]

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Goldman Sachs Dumps Shares of Village Voice Media

Not long ago, Tim pointed out the ongoing battle between New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof and Village Voice Media, owner of and the Dallas Observer (and the weekly in South Florida where I worked for three years). The problem: Backpage is used in the sex-trafficking of underage girls. Village Voice Media does not dispute […]

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Leading Off (4/2/12)

Fighter Milestone Comes As Next Generation Aircraft Breaks Bank: Tomorrow, Lockheed Martin will mark the delivery of the 4,500 F-16 fighter jet, which will make its way from Fort Worth to Morocco, a milestone for the aircraft that keeps 1,600 people employed at Lockhead. The milestone comes as the next generation of Lockheed fighter, the […]

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