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Making Dallas Even Better

Ethics Cop “Troubled” by Cuban’s Sharesleuth Site

No matter how much of a service Mark Cuban and Christopher Carey insist their investment website called Sharesleuth provides to readers and investors, the guardians of American journalism ethics still aren’t buying it. That was apparent over the weekend when Carey, editor and president of the site majority-owned by Cuban, showed up in Indianapolis for […]

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(Sort of) Breaking: Dallas Fugitive Josh Lankford Found in Costa Rica

Some Frontburnervians have probably been around here enough to remember discussions about Dallas businessman/stock broker Josh Lankford – a pretty decent rundown of links is here. And, full disclosure, I did work for him for a time. Lankford has been on the lam for several years after being accused of helping run a few pump-and-dump […]

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Leading Off (3/19/12)

Seniors’ Squabble May Go To Texas Supreme Court: A long-time customer of Frank’s Place in Alvarado, TX sued the owner, a former friend, after she berated him with homosexual jokes and insinuations. He wants cash and an apology; she says there isn’t enough evidence to prove “intentional and negligent infliction of emotional distress.” Now it’s […]

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