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Making Dallas Even Better

Why is This Dancing Apes Video From Arby’s Considered Racist by DeSoto ISD?

Unfair Park‘s Patrick Williams is criticizing DeSoto school officials for reprimanding a principal for circulating a video (embedded above) of an old commercial depicting chimps dancing in the Irish Riverdance style to his staff. I agree that it’s hard to see what the clip has to do with race, but Williams is seemingly ignoring what was noted […]

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The Wilson Building, As Seen Through Justin Terveen’s Lens

Ever since I friended photographer Justin Terveen on Facebook, my newsfeed has been filled with the amazing images he’s able to capture. Last night, he posted this gorgeous photo of the Wilson building. He took this shot early Sunday morning during a break in the rain. I love how he’s isolated the Wilson making it […]

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