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Making Dallas Even Better

Highland Park Star Basketball Player Arrested For DWI: When is a Kid No Longer a Kid?

Today’s news that the star basketball player for Highland Park High School was arrested by University Park Police for driving while intoxicated raises a couple old questions from my past life as a community newspaper publisher, editor, and reporter: 1. When should a kid stop getting treated like a kid? 2. Is a high school […]

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Leading Off (2/21/12)

Cops Confirm Frisco Girl Was Kidnapped. The whole story isn’t out yet, but Frisco police have confirmed that an 18-year-old girl was kidnapped at gunpoint Friday and forced to drive to Muskogee, Oklahoma. Bethany Stroud managed to escape, and she’s home safe now. D.A. Craig Watkins Is a Bully. That’s what criminal court Judge Julia […]

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