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Making Dallas Even Better

Harry Potter Disgusted by Rick Perry’s ‘Homophobic’ Views, Brokeback Mountain Jacket

Daniel Radcliffe, currently at a theater near you in The Woman in Black but best known as the star of the Harry Potter films, gave an interview to the UK gay magazine Attitude, which the UK newspaper The Guardian recaps. In it, in addition to declaring that he’s a “militant atheist,” he decries the GOP […]

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Another Stray Dog-Related Problem in Dallas

Yes, South Dallas has a lot of stray dogs. A few months ago, I proposed a potential solution to the problem. (My fingers remain crossed.) This week the Dallas Observer‘s Anna Merlan brings attention to another stray dog-related problem: the thin line between animal “rescuers” and animal “hoarders.” I’m generally inclined to say that, barring […]

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Why D Magazine NEEDS To Adopt TMZ’s Headline Style, Via the Deion-Pilar Divorce

DEION SANDERS I NEVER Offered Cash for Ass DEION SANDERS Pilar’s Trying to EXTORT Me PILAR SANDERS SLAMS DEION He’s a No-Good CHEATER … and a MEGA-Narcissist DEION SANDERS Daughter SLAMS Step-Mom — You’re a ‘Gold-Digging H*e’ And so on. Do people click on those because they’re sensational subject-wise? Of course. Oh my lord. But […]

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Ex-Planned Parenthood Clinic Director: PP Doesn’t Need the Komen Money, Anyway

Now that Dallas-based Komen for The Cure’s been beaten down by everyone, left and right, for its clumsy decision-making, a former Employee of the Year at a Texas Planned Parenthood clinic is out with a different view. Abby Johnson, who was the clinic’s director before quitting and becoming a pro-life activist, says Planned Parenthood will […]

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Rating Super Bowl Ads With Dallas-Fort Worth Locals: Words With Friends and Double the Deion

Here’s a breakdown of how North Texas residents fared in their Super Bowl commercial appearances. We’re rating their contributions only, not the entire ad.  Starting with the cream of the crop: The guys who came up with the greatest time-waster known to man, Words With Friends, had the best moment in this Best Buy ad, tweaking the […]

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