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Fun With Semantics: Can We Call Komen’s Statement a “Reversal?”

If you look, just about everyone is calling the Komen decision this morning a reversal.  And maybe it is, sort of. But if you look closer, with an eye for semantics, you can zero in one specific phrase, as many did after the news broke: ” … continue to fund existing grants.” The key word, […]

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Josh Hamilton on Alcohol Relapse: ‘I Can Be Very Deceptive, Very Sneaky in a Lot of Ways’

During the press conference he held just now, Josh Hamilton of the Texas Rangers comes across as a humbled, contrite man who continues to deal with an addiction that can seize hold of him in moments of weakness.  He called Monday night a “weak moment.” “It never gets easy,” he said. Based on his account […]

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Why Mark Cuban is Dominating the Shark Tank, Needs to Invest $25,000 in Me

I’m a fan of the ABC show Shark Tank, in which entrepreneurs ask for investments from a group of venture capitalists (the “Sharks.”)  Some of the business ideas are great (like the “Netflix for kids’ toys”) but others seem to be ideas that the producers only allowed to get on the air because they’re so […]

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